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Uncovering the best video software

                 Being a marketing major, I slowly started to gain an eye as to how to promote a certain product or service. I’m really excited to work on the SIF Outreach Project as it is a way to put my major to work. I want to see which is the best video software out there as a means to help more people know about CURVE. The idea is to have some sort of a video that will show pictures of the CURVE space with footage of all the cool things you can do in the space and explaining the features of the different kinds of technology with some sort of music or audio underlying it. I found out today while working at CURVE that this could be done in a software as simple as Microsoft PowerPoint, and then if needed it can be converted into a video file. Hopefully we can put this idea into play as it would be a great way to show and explain to students and faculty about the usage of CURVE. We could possibly post this on the GSU website or have a screening of it in Library North if possible as that is where most of the students and faculty visit when they come to the library. Looking forward to possibly turn this idea into reality and help students and faculty understand more about the cool new addition to our library called the CURVE.

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