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What to Expect


Meet & Greet

First, I want to get to know you. Hear about your background, story, career aspirations, and expectations. I want to be able to present the best reflection of your story, so you can snag that dream job!

Coaching / Updates

If you have a base resume, I will review it and provide some edits and feedback on verbage and layout. If not, we can discuss your experience and background and draft one from scratch. 

I want to create a strong resume that really showcases your talent and skills.


Once we have a baseline of the resume details, I will present some graphic design layouts that I deem best fits your personality, talents, and your career/profession. Once I get your approval on the layout, I will draft the new resume accordingly.


Finally, I will present the final product and discuss the changes that were made. There is 1 round of edits if the resume needs any further tweaks to meet your expectations. And then you are off to the races with your fab new resume!

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