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SIF (Student Innovation Fellow) Experience

             Can’t believe it has already been a semester since I’ve been a SIF. The time went by so fast. Well this experience just keeps getting better. I learn so much from working at the CURVE space and working on the SIF projects. The particular project I’m working on, SIF Outreach, allows me to really put my majors to use, something that I wasn’t able to do as much with my past jobs with GSU. I’m looking forward to continuing my journey as a SIF and see where it takes me. Even considering to try to get into another SIF project if possible and if my Spring schedule allows me to do so that is. I worked with the Marketing department prior to being a SIF, and when I received the offer, I had to choose between one. I was upset I have both job, but couldn’t have been more glad that I made the switch. It was probably one of the best decisions I’ve made especially since I can apply my major more as a SIF than being a Marketing University Assistant.

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