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Internship interview with CEO of Marta

Updated: Aug 17, 2020

On Monday, I had the opportunity to be interviewed by the Keith Parker, CEO of Marta for an internship position under him where I would get to collect information about his career and accomplishments with Marta, and create a journal, that he can use for a possible autobiography down the road. If given the internship position, I will have access to his schedule and be able to attend board meetings or even shadow departments and other operations within Marta. It seemed like an amazing opportunity that I am crossing my fingers to get. I write about this opportunity today, as I talked about the SIF program during my interview, and the 3D Atlanta project. My stories as a SIF reminded Mr. Parker of the days when he began at Marta as an intern. His job required he ran errands like get coffee, donuts, etc. One day, he was given an opportunity to prove himself by create a map system. From Thursday to Monday, he taught himself geocoding and created a map system to show all the routes of the Marta bus systems. His story inspired me, especially in terms of my work with 3D Atlanta. I hope to gain this amazing opportunity to work with him, and be able to grow as a person in the same way that SIF has molded me into today.

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