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Double Major: Marketing and CIS

        So I probably have mentioned a million times that I’m a double major, but two of my biggest drives that lead me to declaring my second major were my CIS 2010 class with Dr. Senn and being a SIF. I never thought of declaring a double major with something computer-related, but I did it! I chose my original major, Marketing, because it really matched my personality and I wanted to help promote goods and services to the world. I also wanted to try to get rid of the “All Marketers are liars” stereotype, but that might be a long shot haha. But after much consideration, I realize that anyone could have marketing degree and I didn’t want to be just anyone; I wanted to set myself apart from the crowd entering the business work field. While taking CIS 2010, I learned about how technology is applied to the business world and how it really helps marketers. Taking this into consideration along with my experiences with technology as a SIF, I looked no further, and decided to declare my second major. Hopefully, this can help me stand out from the crowd and can’t wait to see where these 2 majors take me. It will be quite the adventurous journey as I learn more about CIS, aka the bridge between technology and business, and ways I can apply this knowledge with marketing and vice versa. Can’t wait to see where it takes me!!

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