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2015 Comes to a Close

            It feels like years are flying now. Just wanted to make a quick speel about my life lately before 2015 comes to a close. Every now and then, I think one should actually sit back and ponder about what they have accomplished in their life. I think I might just do the same. I just turned 20 a month ago, and most may say “You’re so young. You have so much life to live,” but turning 20 really hit me. I am 2 decades now. Time to start getting serious about my life, especially with graduation crawling around the corner. This semester has had many ups and downs. I continue to hate commuter life, but I decided to make the more out of it. So I began joining organizations (which I should have done when I lived in Atlanta previously..), but I guess it’s never too late huh.

             I joined 2 organizations that were starting to develop their footprint on GSU: PantherHackers and Colleges Against Cancer. Starting up PantherHackers lead me to my position as Chief Marketing Officer, while I worked myself up from Marketing and PR Chair in the Advisory Council to Vice President of Marketing and PR in the Executive Board in Colleges Against Cancer. While juggling with these leadership positions, I continued as a SIF working with the marketing/website and the 3D Atlanta project, and a new position as a workshop trainer with CII. Sounds like a handful huh? Did I mention I take 18 credit hours, and I’m trying to graduate in December…

             So as you can tell, I might have gone a little overboard with the workload, but 2015 has played a major role in helping me become more responsible and manage my time better, something that I have always been struggling with. Closing the chapter of all the fun times in 2015, and looking forward to 2016 with an open mind and hoping to do better. Take the time to think back of all you have done, and how you can improve on any mistakes you have made along the way. Every experience is a learning experience that makes us wiser day after day.

Til next time, 


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