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Updated: Aug 17, 2020

           So as the semester takes its toll, I would like to reflect on my first semester working at the CURVE. It is pretty chill for the most part, but it is still cool to see how the GSU students and faculty use the space. I’ve seen things from rendering on the InteractWall to mapping programs on the stations to people presenting information on the 4K. It is amazing to see how the space is used and I continue to learn new things about the space whether it is information on the Bloomberg Terminals or how to work the monitors for the InteractWall. I must say this is one of the best on-campus jobs at GSU. Prior to this, I worked in the Marketing Department, not saying it was horrible, but the CURVE has more resources that I can use towards my career. Learning more about technology at the CURVE lead me to add another major to my current Marketing major: CIS. Can’t wait to see where that takes me!

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