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The Rise of The Resume Phoenix

As a lot of you may know, I have slight OCD when it comes to attention to detail. Well that led to a lot of late nights of perfecting and updating my own resume, especially when I was briefly on the job market with the news that I would be losing my job.

I wanted to break into marketing, so I sought the advice of those that have. And the feedback was to have a very marketing and personalized resume that truly allowed my personality and talents to shine. I shared with some friends and colleagues for feedback, and before I knew it, I was getting requests to revamp their resumes.

Soon I realized that I had a knack for this, by understanding each person to truly personalize their story and personality onto their resume. And after much encouragement, I decided to launch The Resume Phoenix. In no time, I managed to create my business website and corresponding social media handles.

Currently, I don't have an aggressive marketing structure for The Resume Phoenix as my day job has managed to keep me occupied. But I'm just a message away for anyone that needs resume services at affordable rates. I take pride in getting to know my clients well prior to constructing their story into their resume. Not many people realize that it's this 1 piece of paper that will make or break someone getting a shot for an interview. So not only does it need to be well-written, but it also needs to break free from the standard crowd.

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