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Updated: Aug 17, 2020

Last week I had the honor of speaking as a speaker at the TEDxGeorgiaStateU. It was a wonderful event, where I got to meet some really cool people who had amazing things to talk about. The talks varied from environmental problems in west Atlanta to denial of racism to how we interpret lyrics of singer-songwriters to how we are hurting more than helping in nonprofits, and much more. It was an amazing night to be a part of. I have to admit I was VERY nervous about my talk. Even though it was about 3D Atlanta, and I knew enough about the project to talk for a day, I felt nervous to speak in front of 100 people. I didn’t know what kind of a crowd to expect. I felt a bit bad because I was rehearsing my talk in my head when a friend of mine went to give his talk. But then, when I was introduced, I just went up there, and pretending like I was talking to a group of friends. Went through my talk, and before I knew it, it was over. The crowd applauded, and everyone took out their phones to take a picture of the 3D Atlanta website link. It was a proud moment for me to represent the SIF program and the 3D Atlanta team at this event. For now, I will post the slides I used for my talk,  but stay tuned for the full TEDxGeorgiaStateU video coming soon.

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