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GSU Technology Spaces

          Georgia State University is one of those schools that has a wide range of majors and due to this, there are many facilities on campus for this. One problem with this is that not many students or faculty are aware of all the spaces especially technology spaces that are available to them. I’ll even admit that it wasn’t until I became a SIF, did I know about the CURVE or the Exchange. I knew about the Digital Aquarium, but only because I needed to rent an iPad for the semester for my Honors Mapping Seminar. Had it not been because of class, I wouldn’t have even known about the Digital Aquarium. This is problematic as these spaces may not be used to its full ability because not too many people know about them. There are a handful more spaces like these, but it could take me a while to go through them all. So how can more people know about these spaces? Making videos of them, adding them to a map, having a space on the school website for the whereabouts and information on these spaces? This is where the SIF Outreach Project comes in. We are trying to build the bridge between these spaces and the GSU students and faculty. Our current project is working on promoting the CURVE. Follow up on my next posts for more information.

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