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          While working with the SIF Outreach Project and collaborating with Thomas, we drew conclusions on how the GSU map could use some work, both on the website and on the GSU app for cell phones and tablets. The map is very broad and doesn’t help too much in guiding us to where we need to be. Not even that, it could use an upgrade and perhaps additional information. The GSU map should be more interactive and help guide those using it to their intended destination based upon their current location. There should be a GPS tracker to track the location. Not only that, but there should be pinpoints of all the locations, and when one clicks on the pinpoint, it can direct them to the location, street view, give an address, phone number, pictures of the space, hours of operation, and even a video of certain spaces like the technology facilities. It could even let you reserve equipment or spaces from the map or redirect to where you can do so. I feel if we have these advances added to the GSU map, it could really help all the newcomers and future GSU students and faculty.

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