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3D Atlanta Project Grows in Different Ways

So continuing my 2nd year as a SIF and my 2nd year as a part of the 3D Atlanta team, my knowledge for mapping continues to grow. Although I am on the research side, it is incredible to see how we can find pictures with the address, pinpoint them onto an photo map that is stitched into the modern-day Atlanta map, and then search for the exact location using Google Earth. It is amazing how we can see where exactly that former building stands today, and through this, we can see how it has evolved over time. Many building found in our research still exist today, while others were turned into the millions of parking decks we have in Atlanta haha. But 3D Atlanta has always been an amazing project to be a part of, and everyday I learn something new about Atlanta and how it has evolved over time. I have learn to really love my city, and I cannot wait to see how much we can accomplish with 3D Atlanta, and show the rest of our community how our loving city has changed in the course of decades.

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